Creating Design Ideas and Solutions for your Interior


Travel to an Oasis, a Spa, or just a personal getaway–right in your own backyard.

A personal relaxing spot does exist right in your own backyard. Creating it is as easy and affordable as seeking out the treasured look.  You just may find it by delving into the stash of goodies hiden away in that closet you haven’t visited in years. OR taking a second look at the seemingly tired…
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Interior Dimensions and Design, LLC

Electronics—were supposed to make life easier, how so?

Somehow it seems to have complicated a few things. Time for instance. Here I am after 20 yrs of owning my own business and thinking I REALLY need to make some changes. After all, the world is, so why shouldn’t I? But alas, a new look and approach is not that easy. What should it…
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