At Our Studio

It's not about us, it’s about YOU!

Creating fashion for a home or office is our passion, not a hobby. What’s more? We love our work! That makes it fun, which we extend and bring to you.

Our work requires serious dedication in the knowledge and history of furniture and lifestyles, keeping up with current and future design trends, and attending in person continuing educational classes. This is what gives our professional design team the top and cutting edge. Their ability to create a classic and time lasting interior will not disappoint.

There’s a world of information via the internet and T.V. shows that make it seem “Oh, so easy!” Here’s the catch. As enticing as it sounds, some DIY folks just bite off more than they can handle and become discouraged.

Seemingly small or simple projects to a lay person can turn into too much frustration. A well-executed project takes any seasoned interior designer, armed with an experienced support team and extended entities, many hours to create a workable enviable design concept. We understand you may have a desire to do some things on your own...we're okay with that, too.

Sometimes you just need advice.

How much does an Interior Designer cost? ™ ©

Answer: Less than that of the wrong paint color.

Our trademarked and copyrighted phrase is exactly true. Make one mistake on your own, even painting one room, and it will cost you more than a professional consultation.

We have an endless array of accessories on hand to grace most any area of one's home or office space. If we don't have it at our studio, we can order that something special item from any of our wholesale or designer exclusive vendors. We are proud to use "Made in America" (not just assembled here) items as our first choice in selections for our design projects.

We won't bore you with everything we have available. You are smart enough to know the routine...if it goes inside your home or office, it’s part of interior design. We have it and so can you.

(But, we do have beautifully exclusive things not found on the internet. Shhh! These are only available to designers.) Call us, we'll talk.