Design Desk

Here you are wondering "what's next"? That's easy.

We have an array of set programs to select from that just may suit your needs perfectly. We have found over the last 20 years, at least one of them always seems to be the perfect fit for a client's need. We can start with a quick "Tea and Chat" if a little a unbiased advice is all you really need, or move all the way up to a fully re-designed space. Keep reading...we have in-between choices as well.

Our Online Design Services

  • Mood Design Boards (Simple or Detailed options)
  • Room Evaluation
  • Re-Design and Refresh Your Look
  • Classic Room Package
  • Prestige Room Plan Package

Allow 3 weeks from time of purchase for our solution to arrive in your inbox. Hard copy version available for small additional fee.

Our In-Person Design Services

  • Minimum Plan
  • Basic Creation
  • Classic Format
  • Prestige Room Design
  • Shop Along
  • Contractor Consulting/Material Selection
  • Staging and Planning
  • Paint Color Consultation and Selection

Other Offerings

  • Tea and Chat
  • Gift Certificates

The above two items are available for in-person or virtual clients. Gift Certificates can be elegantly gift wrapped and mailed directly to the recipient for a small additional fee. Call us for details.